For those of us who need or want to stay in touch with friends, family or (dare I say) work whilst abroad, there are some encouraging news. Sky News reports that agreement has been reached between the various phone operators on the cap on wholesale charges.

Wholesale charges are the fees that phone operators charge each other when their customers use their mobiles abroad. This agreement means that the EU is likely to be able to deliver on its promise to end all mobile phone roaming charges on 15 June for EU residents travelling within the EU.

Of course some mobile phone plans have, for some time, allowed users to make calls, texts and use data abroad at no extra cost, including Three with its feel at home plan which allows usage in 42 countries (not all EU countries, but includes a number of other countries worldwide, including USA, Hong Kong and Macau) at no extra cost.

So that’s great news, but only for now. It remains to be seen how Brexit will affect mobile phone charges for UK residents travelling to an EU country, once the UK pulls out of the EU.

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