Monitoring spending improves saving habits

A lot of us know that we should do it, but much fewer of us actually do it. Keeping a close eye on your spending can often feel like a task easier said than done. A joint study from YouGov and Royal London, a life assurance, investments and pensions company, set out to look at whether…Read more Monitoring spending improves saving habits

UK Tax Allowances 2016/17

Let's face it - time is passing us by and the new tax year is almost upon us. However, there is still some time left, so let's brush up on the tax allowances available for individuals in the UK for the 2016/17 tax year. Information about the tax allowances that individuals receive is already available…Read more UK Tax Allowances 2016/17

FSCS deposit protection limit increases to £85,000

Finally, some good news for those of us with cash savings! The Financial Services Compensation Scheme announced back in November that it would increase the limit of protection it would afford to savers in the event that a bank goes bust. Today it announced that this increase would come into force with immediate effect. The limit…Read more FSCS deposit protection limit increases to £85,000

Robo-advisors – an alternative way of maximising returns?

You might have been told, particularly now we’re in the age of persistently low interest rates, that when it comes to saving money, you’re better off investing in stocks and shares, especially if you’re saving for the long term. However, for those of us who don’t work in the finance industry and are only used…Read more Robo-advisors – an alternative way of maximising returns?